OLAC Archive Metadata Quality Evaluation Tool
Presented by:          Baden Hughes, Amol Kamat and Steven Bird,
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering,
University of Melbourne
Project / Software Title :       OLAC Archive Reports  
Project / Software URL: http://www.language-archives.org/tools/reports/archiveReportCard.php  
Access / Availability:       The software is open source and available under the GNU Public License.
The sources can be obtained as a part of the OLAC Tools Suite available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/olac/.

The purpose of the OLAC Archive Reports is to provide insight into the usage of the OLAC Metadata Set, its associated controlled vocabularies, and best practice recommendations for metadata. The service provides a range of reports which assist metadata creators and archive managers to understand how and where to invest effort in metadata enrichment. Reports are available on a per archive basis, as well as an aggregate across the whole community.

A number of metrics are used to assist with metadata quality evaluation:

  • "Star Rating": a gross metric derived from the average metadata record score for the archive as a whole
  • Archive Diversity: the overall range of metadata elements and controlled vocabulary extensions used within an archive
  • Metadata Quality: a graphical representation of the frequency of metadata record scores across the whole archive
  • Core Elements Per Record: the consistency of use of core metadata elements on a per metadata record basis
  • Core Element Usage: the distribution of core metadata elements across the archive
  • Code Usage: shows the number of times controlled vocabulary items were used within the archive
  • Element and Code Usage: reports the overall number of times an element is used within the archive
The statistics for archive reports are re-calculated after every incremental harvest of metadata by the OLAC Aggregator, thus they are dynamic and responsive to the evolving nature of metadata within the OLAC context.

We offer the OLAC Archive Reports as a service to assist metadata creators and archive managers in understanding the benefits of investing in the creation of enriched metadata, and to provide guidance as to where to best expend effort in this process.

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