Welcome to the E-MELD Tools and Resources area. Here you will be able to examine tools that we are creating for digitizing and archiving language data. This is especially important for field linguists interested in preserving their language data for long term community accessibility. These tools are still under development. In line with the goals of the E-MELD project, these tools are freely available. We encourage you to try them and we would appreciate your comments or suggestions.

School of Best Practices Toolroom A database of software tools used, reviewed, and classified by linguists.
Field Input Environment for Linguistic Data A web based tool for field linguists to insert their language data into a fully searchable online database.
CharWrite© A tool developed to allow users easy insertion of IPA characters into web based forms.
LINGUIST Language Search Engine Searches LINGUIST's database of 7605 languages, which includes the complete Ethnologue database of 7320 languages, as well as all known ancient and constructed languages.
Linguistic Ontology An ontology of morphosyntactic terms.
OLAC Metadata The markup language with which participating linguists describe their data.


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