Test Scans of Biao Min Cards

In choosing scanning parameters, a project may need to strike a balance between image clarity and file size. In general, in archiving images critical to the analysis of endangered languages, it is important to achieve the highest image quality that storage conditions allow.

Click here to learn about the factors that influence image quality.

Before making archival scans of the Biao-Min notecards the E-MELD project made a number of test scans, varying dpi, contrast enhancement, and color representation.

The results of these test scans can be viewed by clicking on the links below. Each link leads to a page showing the results of varying one of these parameters. On each page you can see the whole notecard by clicking on the thumbnail to the left of the image specifications:

On these pages, note that the size of each file is given to the right of the thumbnail. In the end, the E-MELD project chose to scan the notecards at 400 dpi, grayscale with 50% contrast. Each image file thus was about 2 MB in size; and the approximately 2,000 notecards required a storage capacity of 4,000 MB. However, other projects have chosen other scanning parameters, based on the importance of the material scanned and the archive's storage capacity.

For more information on the Biao-Min notecards click here.

The content of this page was developed following the recommendations of the E-MELD working groups.

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Test Scans of Biao-Min Notecards
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