Phonology of Biao Min

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The content of this page was developed from the data of Dr. David Solnit , in consultation with Dr. Martha Ratliff.

Biao Min Simple Initials Chart

      labial     (apico-)   dental  prepalatal
 (dorso-)   velar   glottal         
Oral Stops Plain p t c k ( ʔ )
Voiced b d ɟ g   
Nasal Stops Voiceless hm hn   
Voiced m n ɲ ŋ   
Affricates Plain    ts ( tɕj )      
Aspirated    tsʰ ( tɕʰj )      
Voiced    dz ( dʑj )      
Fricatives Voiceless    s       h
Resonants Voiceless ( hw ) hl ( hj )      
Voiced w l j      


Biao Min Vowel Chart

  Front Central Back
High i    u
Mid    ə   
Lower-Mid ɛ    ɔ
Low    a   


Possible Rhyme Combinations

a ai au an
ə əi əu ən   
ɛ       ɛn* ɛŋ*
i       in   
ɔ          ɔŋ
u ui    un
*Note:  ɛn ~ ɛŋ                   


Biao Min Tone Paradigm

Data represented as: Scale
Historical Description
Tone 1 44 A1 mid-high level
Tone 2 21 A2 low falling
Tone 3 35 B1 mid-high rising
Tone 4 42 B2, C2, D2 mid falling
Tone 5 24 C1 mid rising
Tone 7 54 D1 high falling

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Phonology of Biao Min
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